Gild yourself

from the skin to the soul.

LILIANA rises from the bottom of the soul to inspire billions to fall in love and celebrate their uniqueness. Inspired by a belief that every one of us is a perfect creation of nature with a fragment of miraculous, our concept coalesces two dimensions: plants and gold.


We are on a mission to create a more inclusive, self-accepting, and welcoming space in the world of beauty. We aspire to encourage men and women to celebrate their individuality and unique concepts of beauty.

With an aspiration to beautify and inspire you from the skin to the soul, we have created a body makeup and cosmetics line that will empower you to embrace your strengths and flaws into a perfect whole.

We believe in natural beauty.
We believe in love.
We believe in self-love.
We believe in nature.
We believe in quality.
We believe in life.
We believe in authenticity.
We believe in confidence.
We believe in beauty.